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Olympus Flash As the first company with a mirrorless compact interchangeable-lens digital cameras, it's no surprise that Olympus users have a large array of more than 20 flashes to select from. Olympus is offering four models, ranging from the minuscule Olympus FL-LM2, to the small, wireless Olympus FL300R, enthusiast-oriented, wireless Olympus FL-600R and powerful Olympus FL-50R. A multi-flash wireless kit utilizing the 50R and 600R can produce professional-level results from the majority of Olympus MILCs. There’s a small yet growing selection of independent-manufacturer flashes for the Olympus system, including the low-cost, dedicated TTL Bower SFD720O ($45), the manual YoNgnuo YN560X, along with the advanced, touchscreen-controlled Metz 52 AF1 TTL flash

Olympus FL-LM2

For EM-5 & EM-1 Compatible with Olympus TTL, Guide Number: 23' at ISO 100 and 14mm
Coverage: 14mm (Micro Four Thirds)
Olympus Flash Speedlight
Olympus FL-50R
is an external flash unit that allows wireless flash settings to be controlled from the camera body

Olympus FL300R

Compatible with Olympus TTL, Guide Number: 66' at ISO 100 and 14mm
Coverage: 14mm & 9mm (Micro Four Thirds)
Tilts from -30 to 60°

Olympus FL-600R

3.5 star flash, still the best single flash option for micro 4/3(along with it's Panasonic twin, the FL360L, which is the same unit with Panasonic branded housing)

Olympus FL-700WR

Wireless Radio wave sync, high-speed seq shooting*, dust and splashproof, built-in LED video light. guide # 42

Olympus FL-900R

weather-sealed flash
 features a guide number of 58m, a refined user interface, and a splash and dustproof body

OLympus Flash Triggers

Olympus FC-WR Wireless Radio Flash Commander
Olympus FR-WR Wireless Radio Flash Receiver
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