Photo Equipment

Additional Photo Equipment

Aptina Sensors

Sensor developer Aptina has launched a 16Mp APS-C CMOS sensor capable of full 1080p HD video


The CamGrip was designed to bring ease to the use of digital cameras and camcorders


The GearGaurd Camera Body Lock, which locks the camera to any fixed object, and the GearGuard Bag Lock which as you’d expect, keeps prying hands out of your camera bags

Gear Keeper

The Gear Keeper Camera Retractor. an inexpensive tether that is available with either a Velcro strap mount or a snap clip mount 

intuit Focus

The Intuitfocus HF-IF1 is built a motorized belt-drive system that attaches around the lens and is remotely controlled by scroll wheel

Lens Hoods

Lens Hoods stop stray light from getting into the lens. Also a lens hood attached to the front of your lens will protect your images from lens flare.

Lens Pens

LensPen offers a wide range of products to keep lenses, eyepieces and DSLR sensors clean and dust-free.

Mugs (Camera Lens)

Camera Lens Mugs look exactly like your favorite Canon" and "Nikon" model mugs have easy to clean, stainless steel liners

Nikon WU 1b Wireless Mobile Adapter

The WU-1b mobile wireless adapter lets you automatically send pictures to your enabled smartphone

Redrock Electronic Viewfinder

The first electronic viewfinder designed from the ground up specifically for HDSLRs, emphasizing compact lightweight design, superior resolution, and incredible affordability.

Redrock Rigs

The nano rigs can be easily upgraded to more advanced rigs as needed.

Shutter Buddy

Development and pattern recognition to capture and hold a baby’s attention so that you can get a great picture – easily and every time

Sony CLM Monitor

The Sony CLM-V55 is a transportable video screen encompassing a high-resolution (800 x 480) WVGA (5") LCD panel.

Tether Tools

Tether Tools® recently launched a new line of JerkStopper® cable retention devices to help photographers secure their tethering cables.