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Carl Zeiss AG, a German lens manufacturer is a member of the longest production optical companies throughout the entire world. Zeiss makes a wide variety of highest quality lenses, including Hasselblad's and Rollei's medium format lenses. They also make large format lenses for Sinar, and work in partnership with Sony creating its up-scale SLR lenses. Additionally Carl Zeiss produces a variety of highest quality manual focus only lenses for mounting on Canon, Pentax and Nikon SLRs, and also M-mount lenses crafted for the Cosina-built 35mm Zeiss Ikon rangefinder. updated article Apr 4, 2011

Zeiss 35mm SLR Film Cameras Zeiss 35mm SLR Film Camera Knowledge Base Description The new Zeiss Ikon 35mm Film Camera combines a classical design with easy-to-use operation. Features and controls are designed to make practical photography comfortable and free from unpleasant surprises caused by the camera. Manual or auto TTL exposure metering as well as an AE-lock function gives you complete control of the exposure situation. So that you can make best use of the entire system from the film to the lens. Quite simply, you can count on a highly versatile creative tool that won't let you down.

Zeiss Lens Knowledge Base Zeiss becomes a member of the Micro Four Thirds insurrection
One more big brand has jumped head on into the increasingly accepted Micro Four Thirds sea with the statement today from Olympus that Carl Zeiss signed on as the newest associate of the MFT System Group. Basically this means that the people in charge of making some of the greatest optics on the planet will begin building lenses that match Olympus and Panasonic's optical standards. On the other hand you could, hunt down an adapter to get your Distagon glass functioning with your GF2, but it's sure gonna' be good to see another one of the big players making hardware specifically designed for this comparatively new class of camera.

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Zeiss Loxia 25mm F2.4
Announced Feb 14, 2018 Wideangle prime lens Sony FE

Zeiss Milvus 25mm F1.4
Announced Oct 18, 2017 Prime lens Canon EF, Nikon F (FX)

Zeiss Milvus 35mm F1.4

Announced Jun 21, 2017 Prime lens Canon EF, Nikon F (FX) 2111788 $1,799.00

Zeiss Batis 135mm F2.8

Announced Apr 5, 2017 Sony FE $1,549.99