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Japan's famous field camera maker, WISTA COMPANY, LTD, provides an array of quality wooden 4x5 field cameras constructed from a choice of cherry, quince, rosewood and ebony. A sum total of seven versions, some with features such as Fresnel lens, Graflock back, rear shift, and interchangeable bellows . Also available are a pair of 4x5 technical metal cameras - one comes with a rangefinder built in and one without. Topping off the Wista camera line is an 8x10 camera made of cherry wood featuring a Fresnel screen, double extension bellows, plus a protective glass is available when the Fresnel/ground glass is combined. Wista also makes an array of practical accessories available which includes dark cloth, rollbacks, loupes, extension boards, Technika 45 style boards reflex viewing devices, extension beds & bellows, and wide-angle bellows. For roll film photographers a quick shift sliding camera back is available also along with a 5x7 conversion camera back for a few 4x5 models. updated article Apr 3, 2011