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The Voigtlander name has been around photography the longest of any brand in industry. The original company was established back in 1756. After an illustrious record established during the 20th century by manufacturing cameras and camera lenses, the name passed through a number of owners: including Rollei and Zeiss prior to the user rights of the brand name being acquired in 1999 by Cosina, a Japanese company. Under the Cosina rein, it’s produced a stsble of customarily-inspired merchandise, which included 35mm products and medium format rangefinders; its range of lenses consists mainyy of manual focus prime lenses designed for 35mm SLR cameras plus M-mount rangefinders. In the last part of 2010 it introduced its first Micro Four Thirds lens, an F0.95 25mm Nokton updated article Apr 4, 2011

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Voigtlander Bessa Series Cameras are light, unobtrusive cameras that are ideal for handheld lowlight conditions. These rangefinder cameras have a smaller distance between the film and the lens mount than SLRs, which makes for inherently sharper lenses

Voitlander Lens Knowledge BaseVoigtlander Lens Knowledge Base - Cosina began manufacturing cameras and lenses rebranded as Voigtländer in back in 1999, when the new M39 mount and lenses were introduced. Since then Cosina has manufactured an immense variety of Voigtlanders lenses for the Leica M mount, Leica S rangefinder mount. M39x26,Nikon and SL Voigtländer mount. SL lenses are all manual-focus designs, while the Nikon AI-S designs feature aperture indexing. These lenses were discontinued when the Zeiss ZF lenses were introduced. (see Zeiss). updated article Mar 31, 2011