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Active in the consumer photography market since 1952 (when it introduced the first ever Japanese 35mm SLR), Pentax entered the digital camera market in 1997 with the unique EI-C90 (which came in two halves, allowing it to be used without the LCD screen). Today Pentax offers a range of (mostly fairly simple, but pretty) compacts under the Optio brand, including several waterproof models, and a couple of superzooms, but struggles against the market leaders. Its DSLR range, started in 2003, may be not be the largest, but contains several award-winners and plenty of innovative features (plus, some models are available in a range of lurid colors). Pentax also offers the 645D, a 40 megapixel medium format SLR system.

Pentax Compact Digital Camera Knowledge BasePentax Compact Digital Camera Knowledge Base
Pentax makes some innovative compact digital cameras, identified Optio cameras, mainly in its W and Z models. The W series encompass compacts that can be employed underwater and are thus waterproof . The Z series incorporate cameras with fairly long zoom lenses, although not as lengthy as a super-zoom lens. Its other merchandise lines - V, S, M, A, and E models - feature somewhat similar trait and form factors. This make them problimatic to distinguish from each other. updated article 12/23/2010

Pentax 35mm Digital Camera Knowledge BasePentax DSLR Cameras updated article Feb 28, 2011 - Pentax is a subsidiary of Hoya Corporation. This process was started with Hoya Corporation when Pentax and Hoya formed the Hoya Pentax HD Corporation. The main goal of Hoya was to make their medical-related business stronger by benefiting from Pentax's technologies and knowledge in the sphere of intraocular lenses, endoscopes, biocompatible ceramics, surgical loupes, etc. There was speculation at one time that the Pentax camera business would be sold after the merger.

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Pentax Lens Knowledge Base - Engineered specifically for PENTAX DSLR camera line, the PENTAX DA line of professional grade lenses, employ a silent SDM focus structure with tightly sealed weather and dust-resistant quality to augment resilience for employment in rainy and dusty environments. Pentax's K mount, often called the "PK mount", an accepted camera lens mount for attaching an interchangeable camera lens to a 35 mm single-lens reflex camera. Created by Pentax back in 1975, it has been employed by all 35mm and Pentax DSLRs since. Several other camera makers have also manufactured a number of K-mount cameras and lenses.

Pentax 35mm SLR Film  CamerasPentax 35mm SLR Film Camera Knowledge Base
The Asahiflex was the first Japanese 35mm single lens reflex camera to be produced and as such, can claim to be the father of this oriental breed of model type. Other manufacturers quickly saw the potential of reflex viewing though the taking lens and began to develop their own ranges.

The next breakthrough came in 1960, when Asahi Optical showed a prototype camera at Photokina, which took exposure measurements through the taking lens. The camera was called the Spot-Matic and caused a sensation at the show

No less than three new models were introduced at once in 1975. They were based on the Spotmatic F and ESII models, and all featured a new, wider lens mount designated K-bayonet.

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