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Olympus a member of the photography community for more than 70 years was a pioneer of consumer digital cameras. In today's market, Olympus features a vast array of (mostly relatively unassuming) compact digital cameras, Olympus includes a pair of unique, although closely related interchangeable camera lens systems. The Olympus E, based upon the Four Thirds system, was created as a 'totally digital' SLR system (and still remains) (without any need for backwards support of film products). Even though they offer smaller than average size camera bodies embodying competitive qualities, the E-system to date has not, produced very much market share for Olympus. The company inaugurated a smaller Micro Four Thirds mirrorless (PEN) system In 2009, to wide applause.

Olympus Imaging America Inc. is an innovative leader in technology, engineering and marketing award-winning goods for both consumer and professional marketplaces. and collaboratively works with its present and future customers and of course it's parent, Olympus Corporation, to create breakthrough technological products featuring revolutionary design and functionality to enhances the everyday lives of people. This includes:

  • Digital Cameras
  • Professional Digital SLR Imaging Systems
  • Related Underwater Products and Accessories
  • Digital and Microcassette Recorders
  • Digital Media
  • Binoculars

Olympus Imaging America Inc. is responsible for the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America markets. For more information, go to: www.olympusamerica.com or www.olympuscanada.com..


Prosecutors Raid Olympus Headquarters
Prosecutors raid Olympus headquarters in earnings investigation looking for evidence in what appears to be an immense scandal Japanese prosecutors raided the Olympus headquarters, a maker of cameras and medical equipment in an investigation that's ongoing. Olympus is being investigated for its accounting procedures and the divulgence that it concealed losses. The problem came to light when Michael Woodford, former chief executive made an allegation that he was terminated for questioning payments over mergers. Olympus admitted it concealed $1.5bn (968m) in losses during the recent two decades.


updated article May 15 2011

Olympus Compact Digital Camera Knowledge BaseOlympus Compact Digital Camera Knowledge Base
The Olympus inexpensive FE model compacts come with built-in help guides with the emphasis on put on the simple operation. Olympus has recently submitted some break-thru technologies in compact digital cameras and Evolt DSLR cameras. A characteristic of the advanced SP digital compacts are extremely long telephoto zoom lenses. Special Stylus Digital subcompacts have been manufactured as waterproof, water-resistant, crushproof and shockproof. All Olympus point-and-shoots employ the somewhat more costly xD memory cards. Olympus Evolt DSLRs were the first digital cameras to sport live-preview LCD monitors. Olympus provides a a wide selections of lenses for the Evolt and Olympus PEN Digital Cameras - updated article 12/22/2010

Olympus 35mm Digital Camera Knowledge BaseOlympus DSLR Cameras - Olympus is one of the leading digital camera manufactures, Olympus makes a large variety of digital compact cameras, plus they are one of the creators for the Four Thirds Camera System standard design and development, a system that uses a frame size identical to the Olympus PEN cameras. Four Thirds included the first consumer digital SLRs to introduce live preview, a characteristic that has been adopted by every major DSLR camera manufacturer. The flagship Olympus DSLR camera , the E-3 which was released in back in 2007. updated article Mar 24, 2011

OLympus Lens Knowledge Base

Olympus Lens Knowledge Base - The Olympus system should be seriously considered by photographers specializing in travel or those whose shoulders are aching  Olympus has one of the world's most compact camera system capable of professional results. Olympus was founded in 1919 as Takachiho Seisakusho, and the company began making microscopes and thermometers. The company registered Olympus as a trademark in 1921, using that brand name on its first camera in 1936, called the Semi-Olympus I. In 1949, the company was renamed Olympus Optical. Olympus is also the largest manufacturer of Four-Thirds lenses under the Zuiko brand; these lenses are known for their good optical quality and compactness.

Olympus Photo Printers
Olympus makes precision technology goods that enhances the lives of people. They are an innovator, always on the front edge of technology and making first rate products, including their photo printers.

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