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Nikon CorporationAnother big player in the photography world, Nikon single handedly popularized the professional use of 35mm SLR cameras when in 1959 they introduced the Nikon F camera which was a staple for working photographers for many years. 50-plus years the road, Nikon, along with Canon their arch-rival, still control the DSLR camera marketplace, partially by producing an array of cameras that range from absolute starter versions (with cameras like the all-time best-seller the D40 and its descendants) through the top level professional models (the D3S and D3X). Nikonís COOLPIX compact models have somewhat struggled in the last few years, although there are some some outstanding models in their stable. updated article Apr 4, 2011

Nikon Coollpix Compact Digital Camera Knowledge BaseNikon Compact Digital Camera Knowledge Base
Nikon Coolpix digital compact and digital subcompact cameras are separated into three sections--a budget L, step-up S, and high-end P. Nikon has introduced more models with wireless capabilities than any other company. Similar to Canon's digital SLR line, Nikon's D series has cameras for every SLR photographer and user budget and a wide variety of lenses. Nikon's digital SLR camera bodies are on average less costly than Canon's. updated article Jan 22, 2011

Nikon 35mm Digital Camera Knowledge BaseNikon DSLR Cameras updated article Feb 21, 2011 - The single-lens reflex Nikon F (SLR) camera was first announced in May, 1959 and swiftly rose to the non-confirmed standard for photo journalists and many other professional photographers. Features of the Nikon F included interchangeable lenses, focusing screens and viewfinders. (Many of these original lenses can be still be employed on Nikon digital cameras still being manufactured today). With their new F cameras in production, Nikon zipped past Leica world's new standard. Nikon announced their first camera (the Nikon 1) in 1948. They were resolved to create the absolute best camera. At the time, Leica was the unquestionable leader in the marketing of 35mm cameras,

Nikon 1 V1 Mirrorless SystemNikon 1 Mirrorless System Initial Impressions. Over the the last couple of years mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras have gone from just being a novelty to conspicuously mainstream. And with companies like Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung Sony all building systems which are credible options to DSLR systems, Nikon has now made a decision to throw it's hat in the ring. The outcome is the 'resulting Nikon 1' system, at the outset a pair of cameras plus four lenses (and a modicum of accessories) manufactured around a new image sensor format that Nikon calls 'CX'. Measuring 13.2 x 8.8mm, the Nikon 1 system's fresh-new Nikon-engineered CMOS image sensor is just about one third of the size of the DX image sensor used in Nikon's mainstream DSLR Cameras. 

Nikon Prime Lens Knowledge BaseNikon Prime Lens Knowledge Base - Updated - Photograph your world through a Nikon zoom lens. Nikon is dedicated to innovation and excellence in the manufacture of interchangeable camera lenses. Take a look at the comprehensive assortment of NIKKOR opticsómarvels of clarity, consistency, precision and reliability.  The Nikon F lens mount remains one of only a duo of camera lens mount systems (the other is the Pentax K) that were not discarded by their related company with the addition of autofocus lenses, but instead expanded to encounter new requisites associated with autofocus, metering, and aperture control.

Nikon Zoom Lens Knowledge BaseNikon Zoom Lens Knowledge Base - updated article  - Feb 8, 2011 - The biggest advantage of a zoom lens is flexibility. Using a zoom, I can quickly and without hesitation compose and grab a fleeting moment. Zooms can also shoot any number of diverse framings of the identical scene within a few seconds. A photographer employing a fixed length lens may still be tennis shoe-zooming (which also alters perspective) to the correct distance as the subject opportunity disappears - or no longer is in that endearing position. A subject within a rapidly adjusting space also is better with a zoom.

Nikon Filters The price for Nikon filters is though of course healthy - you know what I mean when you go out shopping them, espcially for 77mm, such as the UV filter L37C. This might not be an issue for a pro, but for amateurs it might. 

Nikon Backpacks, Bags & Cases Knowledge BaseNikon Camera Bags

Designed specifically for DSLR photographers on the go. There's well-organized space for a digital SLR body, up to five interchangeable lenses, a laptop computer, and other essential accessories. A rigid, impact-resistant base protects the contents from moisture and toppling, while the weather-resistant compartment further safeguards equipment. Features also include padded backpack straps for comfort and a secure top handle for added convenience