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Fujifilm FINEPIX digital cameras manufactured by Fujifilm include digital compact point & shoot cameras, digital bridge cameras, and 35mm Digital Interchangeable Lens Cameras. Many of these cameras feature Fujifilm's Super CCD engineered sensors and the high-end models use CMOS sensors.

Current Models are the A series: the Beginner-level point & shoots, F series: Compact cameras featuring exceptional low-light capabilities. The J series: budget, compact series. S series: digital bridge camera ultra-zooms. HS series: digital bridge ultra-zoom series featuring CMOS sensors. T series: Compact cameras with high powered zooms. and the V series

FinePix X100 revealed at the 2010 Photokina has been 'created without compromise' and has the potential to provide nothing but the best in compact camera mage quality'. XP series: which are Waterproof camera.

The entire E series have been discontinued: comprising of the the E500, FinePix iE510, E550 and the S5 Pro: a Nikon compatible F-mount DSLR. updated article Apr 3, 2011

Fujifilm Compact Digital Camera Knowledge BaseFujifilm Compact Digital Camera Knowledge Base
The Fujifilm FinePix J budget series are priced the lowest. The next step up is the F series which feature more advanced capabilities.  Selected models in the big super-zoom S series are quite large. The most expensive FinePix S Pro SLR series target professional photographers. Fujifilm doesn't manufacture lenses, but the SLR models work with Nikon or Nikon compatible lenses from private third-party companies.

Fujifilm Interchangeable Cameras - Fuji has developed a completely new lens mount system and interchangeable lens line. One attribute which Fuji is publicizing is it's exceedingly short flange focal length from the flange mount to the sensor, which is specified at only 17.7 millimeters, which is among the most shortest distances of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras.

Fujifilm Lens Knowledge Base - Lens shopping for your brand new compact Fujifilm X-Pro1 system camera? Although the selection is a little sparse at the present moment, but that is soon going to grow, according to a release by Fujifilm. Presently, there are five lenses available to mount on the Fuji X-mount, and four of them are prime lenses and one wide-angle zoom. The release shows seven new XF lenses are expected to arrive sometime late next year.  Nov 11, 2012

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On the inside the FinePix Printers, the technology of FUJIFILM's "Image digital processing intelligence is hard at work making your prints better. It detects faces from the image data automatically and optimizes exposures for more striking people prints in your picture. When it discovers dark underexposed faces, it utilizes Backlight Correction for more brilliant, natural smiles. If it detects an orange facial cast caused by indoor lighting, the Tungsten Correction adjusts for a gorgeous print, preserved with an overcoat finish to protect the colors as vibrant and refreshing as on the day they were first printed.