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For years Cosina made 35mm SLR cameras engineered for the specifications of various camera manufacturers and suppliers, for equipment like the Canon T60, Nikon FM-10 & FE-10, Olympus OM-2000, the Konica TC-X, various Vivitar models. and Yashica FX-3, FX-3 Super & Super 2000. The Cosina CX-2 camera, was duplicated by LOMO a Russian optical company and became the fashionable Lomo LC-A. updated article Apr 3, 2011

Cosina Lens Knowledge BaseCosina Lens Knowledge Base - updated article Jan 31, 2011 - Cosina first began manufacturing Voigtländer branded lenses when it introduced the 15mm and 25mm screw mount lenses fitting the Bessa L. At the time it was announced, the 15mm lens was quite a bit smaller than any other similar length SLR lens, and an a way lss expensive than any compact substitute for a viewfinder or any rangefinder camera. Cosina has since manufactured an amazing assortment of these compact lenses for Leica screw mount, Leica M, Nikon S (some fully compatible with Contax camera bodies), and a number of SLR mounts (in particular, M42 mount and Nikon F mount)