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Arca Swiss Medium FormatArca-Swiss Medium Format

ARCA-SWISS released their very first cameras during the 1950s, and they soon created a reputation for being precise and flexible. Engineered for stability, modular design, and easily transportable, these cameras were equally proficient at studio and field work. Ansel Adams employed a camera made by ARCA-SWISS near the last part of his long photographic livelihood. Original Arcas were built to the highest quality standards, while many still being used by professional and amateur advanced photographers today.  updated article Apr 2, 2011

Arca-Swiss Z1 BallheadArca-Swiss Ballheads The Arca-Swiss Ballhead B1 was the benchmark by which every other ball head was compared for a long time. The new Arca Monoball Ballhead Z1 replaces that version while delivering identical performance in a more compact size and with a lower price tag to boot . Ypu will not discover anything not to like about this change, although it's not too likely many photographers will upgrade their superb B1 for the somewhat extra superb Z1 while the functional difference are slight, although the physical disparities are nice indeed updated article Apr 2, 2011