Winter Wonderland Book Review

Winter Wonderland (Picture the Seasons)

Winter Wonderland

As the days become shorter and trees turn bare every year, the outside world seems to darken and slow down. However for children, this is a magical time of year. The frosty air pops with laughter and play. There’s a feeling of excitement as cold weather and snow make for adventure outdoors which are not available any other time during the year. This captivating photo book, of the trendy Picture the Seasons sequence by National Geographic is an effervescent celebration of winter customs. Winter is a family time, as loved ones journey many miles for a holiday visit for events which bring a sparkle of togetherness and warmth that seems to occur only in winter.

Colorful displays and twinkling lights bring joyfulness and goodwill. Candles aglow invite guests to get together for a festive feast. Frosty weather outside leaves lacy designs on the panes in the windows. Children will come back time and time again to feel, see, and learn more about the winter magic contained in this delightfully photographed book when it's in your home library or classroom, . An admirable choice for teachers desiring to celebrate the holiday season, along with grandparents searching for a meaningful present for their small ones.

Pre-school and early elementary children love National Geographic books by Esbaum. A wonderful way to start a discussion on the yearly seasons. Esbaum's fun word use and poetic style transports the reader through winter wonders. From snowmen to snowflakes , It will melt your heart remembering your own chilly seasons. It's also ideal for early readers--keep in mind it's in paperback and could become eaten or torn. Also the beautiful language and the gorgeous photos will delight small eyes. This is the best seasonal series anywhere!  ✓

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