Wildlife Photography: On Safari with your DSLR

Read this book before going on safari

Wildlife Photography: On Safari with your DSLR: Equipment

Uwe Skrzypczak a Safari photographer and environmentalist had a number of goals in mind when he wrote Wildlife Photography: to exhibit the magnificent beauty of the much-loved Serengeti National Park in East Africa, to teach the the workflow and technical aspects of wildlife digital photography; along with educating about the habitat; and to present a guide for a photographer preparing to go on a photo safari to Africa and would like to be ready to acquire the finest images possible.

Starting out with digital photography workflow and techniques, Skrczypczak relies upon his vast personal wildlife photography experience to teach the ins and outs of specific camera equipment, types, lenses, along with the detailed requirements for this arduous undertaking. Appropriate techniques for autofocus and exposure are also covered, as exposure is one of the foremost challenges of wildlife photography. He covers workflow "on the road", the logistics of relocating your equipment, and editing images. The book also discusses wildlife photography practical aspects. Example images include a small pictogram set showing the ideal techniques for attaining the specific situation.

Photography is all about taking photos, and Uwe shows what is possible when you employ your camera equipment as a tool using the proper settings in the right location at the correct time. He discusses how lazy people become when it comes down to arising early, scouting out locations and going there at the best times. Additionally, his explanations on using RAW format are must reading. Uwe's photography passion is apparent on every page in the book. His writing style is easy to read and he's also quite funny. It's not a technical a read - if you're expecting that, look at another book.

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