A Complete Introduction to Time Lapse Photography

Time-lapse Becomes a Curious Phenomenon

Specifically written for both intermediate beginning DSLR photographers, the book explores both the science and art of distorted time perception cinematography using a fun to read, comprehensive, easy to understand package. It covers workflows, examples and diagrams in combination to acquire maximum comprehension while spending a minimum amount of time away from the camera. Grasp time-lapse concepts and start capturing now.

Time-lapse photography becomes a curious phenomenon

The book explores:

  • Time-lapse tools from beginner thru advanced: DSLR cameras, lenses, intervalometers and tripods
  • Equalizing time-lapse photo settings
  • Photographing time-lapse: arrangement and exposure
  • Avoiding time lapse flicker
  • Creating a time-lapse movie: frame rates, codecs, software walkthroughs and workflows
  • Time-lapse challenges: Flicker free transitions from day to night, astrophotography time-lapse, time-lapse motion manipulation methods and, HDR time lapses
  • There are over 350 images, workflow illustrations and diagrams, checklists and quick reference summaries. 149 pages in all

Time-lapse becomes a curious phenomenon: It sets you free from your normal routine and all of life's busyness, while during the same time you can connect with your surroundings stronger than anything else. You don't have to leave time-lapse to the pros. Take a few of the things shared in this book and use them in your next movie clip, although throw some of them out, create your very own experimentation and rewrite some sections to please you. Donít ever allow anyone to tell you that you're doing stuff the wrong way. If you are acquiring the results you are after then nothing else matters. Always remember that you're the artist with your thing. Time-lapse acquires life's covert change and sets photography on fire with incredible movement, removing the veil of subtlety and patience. The experience is unique, and it's here to be shared."

You can look for books about HDR and perhaps get thousands, however right now this is the only one book written about time lapse photography I'm aware of. It's a terrific book for those, who are just becoming involved with time lapse. The author explores every base and contains details like processing RAW files in a variety of software. Time-lapse is much deeper than just creating videos and the author is good at covering this remarkable new tool for available for commercial photographers. If you are just beginning to shoot time lapse, this is the book to help you comprehend it

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Time-lapse Photography: A Complete Introduction to Shooting, Processing and Rendering Time-lapse Movies with a DSLR Camera

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