Sketching Light

Sketching Light: An Illustrated Tour of the Possibilities of Flash (Voices That Matter)

Sketching LightFollowing up on the great success of The Moment It Clicks and The Hot Shoe Diaries: Big Light from Small Flashes, legendary magazine photographer Joe McNally takes us on another memorable ride with Sketching Light, another trip into the land of light--but this time running the gamut from small flash to big flash, and everywhere in between.

A following up to the success ful "The Moment It Clicks" "Big Light from Small Flashes" plus "The Hot Shoe Diaries" , author Joe McNally, legendary magazine photographer takes us on yet another memorable trip with Sketching Light, yet another ride into light land, however this time ranging the gamut from tinyl flash to huge flash, and all things in between.

Naturally, Joe includes Nikon Speedlight coverage, but he also talks about huge flash, as well as the lightd "in-between" as the Elinchrom Quadra. an exploration of fresh new technology, along with his explanation of older lighting technology. It doesn't matter the equipment that Joe uses and talks about, the most significant point of Joe's teaching is that it's complete, straightforward, and honest. Ne holds no secrets back, while the principles he discusses apply in general to the quality and shaping of light, not merely an individual brand or flash unit model.

He tells readers exactly what works along with what does not work via his let's-try-it-and see-what-happens method, he shows precisely how he sets his framing up with abundant sketches and from behind-the-scenes photos, and he does all of this with the clarity, intelligence, and knowledge that only comes from photographing in the field over 30 years for magazines such as Sports Illustrated, Time, National Geographic, Life, and --not to mention his humor and wit of a noticeably warped (if not gifted) mind. Buy Sketching Light here

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