Photography Book Index

Forget about the camera hardware, you'll way ahead of the curve by reading & trying techniques, reading & trying techniques, and then more reading & trying techniques using the equipment you already have than buying fancy new gear and making no improvements to your technique.

Once you own a Digital Camera, there's almost no cost to shooting images, so you need to constantly be practicing. Go shoot some images, come back and upload the images to your computer, then try to see ways you could have made that shot better.

It's better use what you can comfortable afford and making shots than not making shots and wasting your time dreaming about hi-tech hardware. The main attribute of a triumphant photographer is one that's on the spot with a camera in hand, no matter if you're close to home or on vacation.

No matter what I'm doing or where I am, I always try have my camera on hand, my camera transforms what Iím doing at the moment or where Iím headed into an photographic journey. For most people, vacations are the more common times they have their camera with them, although finding visually stimulating moments day after day is even more gratifying. In order to always have your camera with you, get one that fits your pocket.

I have found all of the books listed below to be wonderful reading and excellent photography reference books. You can check out Ansel Adams Books form your local public library. One book that should be at the very top of your reading list is Creative Nature and Outdoor Photography. Not one other book talks in depth about the how-tos' of making great outdoor photos than this one. Updated Review Jan 19, 2011