David Busch's Quick Snap Guide to Using Digital SLR Lenses

In depth details of macro, wide-angle, and telephoto lenses

David Busch's Quick Snap Guide to Using Digital SLR LensesJust the book when you're ready to venture out past just the bare essentials with your DSLR camera but aren't quite which interchangeable camera lens to buy and just as important, when and how to use every lens? The author provides focused, concise details and technique on using different lenses to capture great photos.

The book starts with a quick synopsis of how lenses function and the different types of lenses within reach, including wide-angle,, normal, telephoto, zoom. and primes, Then you’ll discover typical lens features and functions like depth-of-field scale, focus rings, and image stabilization, also how specific settings can go about improving your photography. After you get the basics under your belt you’ll discover how to create trendy effects by using filters and accessories on your lenses, discover how to choose the best aperture for specific types of images.

In conclusion, the book goes into depth with macro, wide-angle, and telephoto lenses. All topics and concepts are fully explained employing a clear, two to four page layout, and pleasing, full-color images demonstrate the results of shooting using each technique, lens, or setting. A mini-glossary assists in defining unfamiliar terminology as you read. Be ready to improve your images using the flexibility of employing interchangeable camera lenses on your DSLR!

David D. Busch remains a top-selling author of digital photography books, having sold over a million books, and the creator of admired series such as "David Busch's Quick Snap Guides. and "David Busch's Pro Secrets" He has authored six hugely winning guidebooks applicable to Nikon digital SLR cameras, and wide-ranging manuals for DSLRs produced Canon, Sony, and a number of other camera makers.

He has written several other books dedicated to digital photography which includes "Mastering Digital SLR Photography." and " David Busch's Digital Infrared Pro Secrets". He's also been a nomadic photojournalist for over 20 years, he's publicized his magazine articles, books, and newspaper reports using captivating images. He's suffered in formal attire while shooting weddings, conducted his own commercial photography studio, and shot sports for a daily newspaper and upstate New York college. His photographs and articles have been published in magazines as varied as "PhotoGraphic," "The Rangefinder," "Popular Photograph & Imaging," and literally hundreds of other periodicals. He has also done reviews of digital cameras for Computer Shopper and CNet Networks.  updated article Feb 14, 2011

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