The Photographer's Guide to Filters

Perhaps the best single book ever written about filters

The Photographer's Guide to FiltersLee Frost is both clear and realistic in the way he explains and suggests various brands and applications of the different filter types. This book could very well help you make a decision on selecting filter brands and their best treatment.

I would highly recommend reading this book for any person who does not have a clue which brand or filter to buy. Even a professional reading this book would learn a few things here. There are some great tips on adjusting your filters, and the best uses of them. It also becomes a great desk reference book for just about anyone.

I've read other books by written by Frost, and I have always taken pleasure in his style of writing. He is always easy to understand and the typical reader can go ahead and apply his suggestions and notice improved results. The author shows before and after effects of filter treatment, providing all details on camera settings and the filters used.

A highly respected author and photographer, Lee Frost's listing of previously published books include; the Complete Guide to Night and Low-light Photography , Photos That Sell: The Art of Successful Freelance Photography, The A-Z of Creative Photography, and Low-light Photography, and Teach Yourself Photography. He also writes articles for photography magazines like Practical Photography, and also teaches at photography workshop. He resides in Peterborough, Cambs. New Article Jan 12, 2011

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