The Photographer's Eye

Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos

The Photographer's Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos The single most significant factor in conceiving a successful photograph is design. The talent to anticipate the likely hood for a great picture and then arrange the elements of the graphic into a successful, compelling composition has been always one of the primary skills in creating photographs.

Digital has wrung a new, exciting element to photography design - foremost due to the instant feedback a digital camera provides immediate assessment and improvement; and secondly because photo-editing tools allow the possibility of altering and augmenting the composition after the shutter was pressed. This has made an overwhelming effect on the manner in which photographers capture their digital images. The Photographer's Eye demonstrates how anyone can cultivate the capacity to see and capture impressive digital pictures. The book delves into all the traditional methods of composition and fabrication, although crucially, it goes on to discuss the new digital methods of photography in the awareness that a photo may be edited montage or manipulated later to conclude in a final photo which may become very changed from the initial one viewed in the viewfinder.

Book Features

    Discusses both the traditional composition in-camera and the new capabilities for photo-making now possible with digital photo editing

    Explains how to explore environments and situations in order to locate the utmost photographic possibilities

    Features clear examples from photographic field assignments, along with schematic diagrams of why and how the images work

    The first book to discuss the subject of design and composition specifically for photographers 350 color photographs of photographic assignments from out in the field, featuring schematic illustrations of why and how the photos function


    A prominent writer and international photographer, Michael Freeman specializes in Asian art and travel, architecture. He is recognized for his special effects expertise in particular. He has also been a prominent photographer working with the Smithsonian magazine over a number of years, and has done work for Reader's Digest and Time-Life Books . Michael is also the author of over 20 photographic books, which includes the successful The Photographer's Eye and the Complete Guide to Digital Photography.

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