Nikon F: The Lenses by Uli Koch By Uli Koch

Nikon F: The Lenses

Nikon F: The Lenses by Uli Koch

Nikon F Lenses is the second volume of the Nikon F Trilogy. It describes and illustrates in loving detail all the lenses available for the Nikon F system from 1959 to 1973. The first volume of the series describes the cameras and the third volume covers accessories.

The broad range of Nikkor Lenses made the Nikon F so successful. The volume entitled "The Lenses" is dedicated to this perfect and innovative production line. This volume is filled with many tables and photographs describing them in detail.

CONTENTS: (By Section Heading)

  • The Nikkor Lenses--A Comprehensive Overview
  • The Standard Lenses
  • The Wide Angle Lenses
  • The Telephoto Lenses
  • The Long Telephoto Lenses
  • The Miror Lenses
  • The Lenses From The Rangefinder Era
  • The Zoom Lenses
  • The Close-Up Lenses
  • The Fisheye Lenses
  • The Lenses With Special Properties
  • The Lens Accessories

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