Nikon D600: From Snapshots to Great Shots

Rob shows you how to master
the basic photographic techniques

A book which goes far beyond a simple tour of the astounding Nikon D600ís features to explain precisely how to get the best use of the camera for taking great photos. Having Nikon D600: From Snapshots to Great Shots at your side, you'll get the ideal mixture of camera reference and photography instruction that will lift your photographs to a higher level! Superbly illustrated with big, vibrant photographs, the book starts off with basic techniques of novice photography and walks you through all the unique characteristics and functions of the D600.

Proceed with your knowledgeable and friendly author, guide, photographer Rob Sylvan, and you'll discover the ten top things you should know about photographing with the D600. How to make use of the D600ís automatic functions to obtain better shots from the start away. How to go up to the professional area, where you'll gain complete control over the way your photos look and feel.

Rob shows you how to master the basic photographic techniques of focus, composition, depth of field, plus way more. You'll gain knowledge all the best techniques and ticks for obtaining great landscapes, and portraits and action shots. You will discover how to get those great low light shots. He also covers using the capability of the HD video for capturing memorable live action. You will completely grasp all the techniques and concepts as you go along, with assignments to do at the back of each chapter. And after youíve acquired the photo, you can show it off by joining the Flickr group for the book to share your images, and discuss the ways you are using your D600 to acquire fantastic images at

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