Mountain Light

Mountain Light: In Search of the Dynamic Landscape,
Tenth-Anniversary Edition

ountain Light: In Search of the Dynamic LandscapeThe New York Times labeled this best-seller classic, "the most stylish ‘how-to’ book on color landscape photography ever published," it captures the distinctive artistic foresight of the late Galen Rowell, among the greatest American outdoor photographers. Here Rowell put together eighty of his greatest photographs, along with stories to go with them, the thing he was attempting to accomplish and how he went about achieving it. These photographs (along with their creation details) are laid out in eight exhibits in accordance with their visual themes, a reflection of the fascination of Rowell's varying infinite light qualities available in mountain landscapes. He gives an explanation of how the human eye and film see things differently, how he chose and composed his images content, how he employed natural light, and optical phenomena and how adventure and equipment interact out in the field. The absorbing text additionally recounts Rowell’s growth as a landscape photographer, his philosophy along with techniques for producing "dynamic landscapes," along with his escapades in out-of-the-way, beautiful, although dangerous places, and from the Yosemite Valley in California to the almost-inaccessible China peaks.

The first reaction a viewer has to these photographs (which are included in a traveling exhibit) seems as if they are absolutely magic. Rowell, also authored "In the Throne Room of the Mountain Gods", plus "Mountains of the Middle Kingdom", is the leading photojournalist for our time; Rowell is perhaps the foremost photographer on the wilderness. The text is partially autobiographical although focuses on the perception Rowell' held that photography was art along with his picture taking technique. Accompanying each of the photographs of the mountains in Alaska,, California, China, Pakistan, and Tibet, is a brief dissertation describing the way it was created and captured (including technical details). This book is a gem, and the ideal gift for nature lovers, camera buffs, irtually anyone

Galen Rowell (1940-2002) also authored other acclaimed works such as My Tibet (with H.H. The Dalai Lama), The Yosemite, Bay Area Wild, plus Mountains of the Middle Kingdom . A proficient mountaineer, his photographs appeared regularly in National Geographic, Sierra,, Sports Illustrated, and among other publications. ✓

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