Magic Lantern Guides: NIKON Lenses

A very helpful book for anyone thinking of buying a Nikkor lens.

Magic Lantern Guides: NIKON LensesThe newest version of one of the better books ever created about selecting and using all the different types of Nikon lenses! Starting out with useful definitions on terminology, basic information on focal lengths and angles of view, plus tips on caring for the lenses, a hard to beat manual that shows you photographers tricks on using fisheyes, wide angles, ultra wides', plus normal lenses (including correct handholding techniques), telephoto lenses, super telephotos, zoom lenses, specialty lens, tele-converters, and classic lenses.

Even though this second edition is more than ten years old, it's still a very helpful book for anyone thinking of buying a Nikkor lens. it's quite apparent that a significant number the newest AF-S Nikkor lenses are not featured in the book but it still covers a wide array of quality Nikkor lenses. Especially if you're buying used lenses, this book will let you to locate the still first-rate AF-D lenses that now epitomize superb lenses for money because of the lower prices subsequent to the release of updated AF-S lenses.

Just about every lens reviewed is clearly written by a photographer who has actually employed the lens discussed for over a period of time and has gotten to know its strong points and faults. Many high quality images are included, all captured using the lenses discussed in this guide. I have purchased a number of lenses, based upon the recommendations in this book, with which I really enjoyed. In several instances, they were used AF-D lenses, acquired for way less money than the newest AF-S versions but as expected from Nikkor lenses providing first class optical quality. Although it would be great to see a third edition of this guide, there's still plenty of value in this current edition to keep it an excellent buy for the Nikon user. New Article Feb 22, 2011

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