How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera

The one photography book I pick up when looking for answers

Bryan Peterson's Understanding Photography Field GuideBryan Peterson's "Understanding Photography Field Guide" is the one photography book I pick up when looking for answers. I have read a great number of books on photography over several years and this has become my goto photography book. it's organized into 11 chapters with every chapter being subdivided into smaller segment which is a big help in locating a particular topic you'd like to review.

A Few Digital Basics topics extend from file formats and shooting using RAW to a jewel of a segment covering white balance that clarify better using only 2 pages how white balance settings can vastly improve my photos over than anything else I've uncovered in the past.

Exposure topics
include exposure clarifications, the creative exposures, photographic triangle, and more. The author is the master at clarifying exposure and your photography will be enhanced from reading this chapter.

Gets into more detail than just explaining the consequences of correct aperture settings, Bryan shows you how aperture settings helps you convey the story you intended using the photo.

Shutter Speed & ISO
One of the better clarifications of ways ISO effects your images I have discovered since being initiated with digital photos and I found the segment on "motion in poor light" to be just excellent. Bryan also clarified the relationship between shutter speeds and aperture easy to grasp and apply out in the field arrangement.

Learning To See
includes a lot of territory on lenses and choosing the correct lens for the proper shot. Suggestion segments like "shooting up" and "looking down" become useful when you're seeking fresh ways to shoot as the pictures supplied all through the book are great solutions to obtain fresh ideas for composing your shots.

Designing A Striking Image
The most prevalent segment in the entire book and goes over more than I'm able discuss here. it's sufficient to remark that this segment is entirely about composition, getting creative, selecting your subject, etc. These types of topics are always inspiring to me as the photographs are inspiring ,also Bryan does not leave you holding the bag here. If you don't get excited to get up off your... and snatch your camera after going through these segments you should probably hold a garage sale that includes all your camera gear

The Importance Of Light
Goes over a big territory from the best illumination, to poor lighting, to backlighting, etc. I discovered the ideas covering exposure settings for diverse light situations useful and I was somewhat surprised that he covered HDR exposure in the detail he did...though not adequate to start photographing HDR. It seems like you would still need to acquire a book on HDR to seriously get into that.

A couple other comments about the book itself
It is very high quality with good, heavy, high gloss paper that make the photos really pop of the pages. The book is very well built too and I can see that it will last for many years to come being lugged around in my camera bag and on trips. Also, this has to be the most compact and small 400 page book I have ever seen which is great because I do want to carry it with me when I go.

And the photos...they are simply spectacular
I have found myself just flipping through the pages to look at the photos and that can be just as instructive as the text in my opinion. Bryan has selected excellent examples to demonstrate his topics/lessons and all of the photo captions have detail about the photo's exposure settings which I like because it helps reinforce the lessons being taught.

Close-Up Photography
A section that has an excellent introduction to macro photography and it provided answers to a number questions . I have been toying with getting into macro more and this section has helped me move just a little more closer to laying out the investment.

Photographing People
This section is really about behaving as a more courteous, professional, photographer when people become the scene. This is chapter has the least number of pages and Bryan employees a majority of them to take part in armchair psychologist at motivating people to enjoy you shooting their picture and allowing you get the best images possible.

Unconventional Techniques
This segment goes over a variety of "tricks of the trade" like "creating rain" or unique ways to support your camera which will only really become useful during a lazy kind of a day when there's nothing else to shoot. Fun information here but essentially a bonus chapter.

Useful Tools
This is the segment which every book about photography has and it essentially feeds the acquisition addiction...filters, tripods, bags, and more... It's not possible to cover all of the specifics found in this book here, and at 400 plus pages there's no shortage of information to grasp from and develop into an experienced photographer.

A few other remarks about the volume is physically constructed very with the best, heavy grade, high gloss paper which allows the photographs really jump from the pages. it's looks as if it will hold up for many years down the road after being hauled around in your camera bag. Also, this must be the smallest and most compact 400 page book I've ever seen which allows you to want to take it wherever you go. updated article Feb 14, 2011

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