Four Thirds & Micro Four Thirds (The Expanded Guide)

Four Thirds & Micro Four Thirds (An Expanded Guide)

Four Thirds & Micro Four Thirds (The Expanded Guide)

An innovative, open digital SLR camera standard, the 4/3s system was created to optimize their performance, size, extendibility and compatibility. Standardization lens mounting system allows photographers to intermingle camera bodies and interchangeable lenses from different manufacturers. Because conventionally lenses optimized to work with film cameras don't function well at all times with the image sensor of digital camera's (the device that uses electrical signals to capture light), the 4/3s system launched by Kodak and Olympus was the first dedicated-digital design.

Lenses for Four Thirds are extremely computerized and made to order to the digital camera requirements. Small size image sensors allow camera bodies and lenses to be extremely compact and lighter in weight. Especially zoom lenses, feature impressive specifications in their petite size.

Micro Four Thirds, the newest development, for interchangeable-lens mirrorless digital cameras launched by Olympus along with Panasonic, further reduces sizes.

Author David Taylor, an award-winning travel and landscape and photographer was born and grew up in Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear. His photography career has taken him over the entire world, although not away from his career of photo graphics, David lives up on a hill, which overlooks Hexham, a market town in Northumberland, UK. 

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