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Identifying Leica Lenses: The Complete Pocket Guide to Buying and Selling Leica Lenses Like an Expert


Identifying Leica Lenses: Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Leica Lenses
Lensbaby - Second Edition: Bending your perspective A complete resource book with everything needed for creating successful Lensbaby images. Bbeautiful portfolio galleries are included covering a complete array of styles from many of the top photographers who worki with a Lensbaby Do you wish you could learn each of the creative options the Lensbaby provides, then this book is for you! Seeing scenes with a new standpoint is at the core of Lensbaby encounters, and using the indispensable information within this book, you can soar your creative adventures to a higher level. Author Corey Hilz, Lensbaby Guru begins with a synopsis of the lenses in the Lensbaby suite.
Lensbaby - Second Edition: Bending your perspective
Magic Lantern Guides: NIKON Lenses - Moose Peterson - The newest version of one of the better books ever created about selecting and using all the different types of Nikon lenses! Starting out with useful definitions on terminology, basic information on focal lengths and angles of view, plus tips on caring for the lenses, a hard to beat manual that shows you photographers tricks on using fisheyes, wide angles, ultra wides, plus normal lenses (including correct handholding techniques), telephoto lenses, super telephotos, zoom lenses, specialty lens, tele-converters, and classic lenses.  New Article Feb 22, 2011 ✓
Magic Lantern Guides: NIKON Lenses
Nikon F: The Lenses by Uli Koch By Uli Koch. (2003). The broad range of Nikkor Lenses made the Nikon F so successful. The volume entitled "The Lenses" is dedicated to this perfect and innovative production line. This volume is filled with many tables and photographs describing them in detail.

CONTENTS: (By Section Heading) The Nikkor Lenses--A Comprehensive Overview The Standard Lenses The Wide Angle Lenses The Telephoto Lenses The Long Telephoto Lenses The Mirror Lenses The Lenses From The Rangefinder Era The Zoom Lenses The Close-Up Lenses The Fisheye Lenses The Lenses With Special Properties The Lens Accessories New Article Feb 11, 2011 ✓

Nikon F: The Lenses by Uli Koch By Uli Koch
Photographic Lenses: Photographer's Guide to
Characteristics, Quality, Use and Design

The lens mounted on the camera greatly influences, the the image quality created by any camera and is essential to any major selection of a camera system and lens for significant work. This guide provides an all inclusive, devoted handling of all categories of camera lenses for all varieties of cameras, including digitals. updated article Feb 10, 2011 ✓
Photographic Lenses
Photographic Lenses
Quick Snap DSLR Lens Guide - David Busch's Quick Snap Guide to Using Digital SLR Lenses" Is just the book when you're ready to venture out past just the bare essentials with your DSLR camera but aren't quite which interchangeable camera lens to buy and just as important, when and how to use every lens? The author provides focused, concise details and technique on using different lenses to capture great photos. updated article Feb 14, 2011 ✓ David Busch's Quick Snap Guide to Photo Gear
David Busch's Quick Snap Guide to Photo Gear
Sigma Lenses: Series: The Expanded Guide Series - This book explores the huge selection of Sigma lenses available for both DSLR and SLR cameras and talks about how precise engineering assists photographers in maximizing their creative abilities by fulfilling the complete potential of the photography equipment. Information is provided on lenses which include macro,, normal, and wide angle varieties, to unique lenses including aspherical ASP versions that offer extraordinary optical performance in compact dimensions, APO types that diminish color aberrations, to the OS versions that counteract camera shake. New Article Feb 11, 2011 ✓ Sigma Lenses: Series: The Expanded Guide Series
Sigma Lenses: Series: The Expanded Guide Series
Tamron Lenses (The Expanded Guide) - Tamron lenses are familiar world over for their innovative features, compact designs, superior resolution, while being easy to use. Written by expert photographer, Andy Stansfield, this Expanded Guide examines the entire Tamron range of interchangeable lenses created for digital SLR and 35mm SLR cameras. Free of Jargon details are provided on lenses ranging from micro, standard, and wide-angles, to special lenses ranging from APS-C aspherical versions up to the big-ratio zoom lenses which Tamron pioneered in 1992, at a time when it announced the 28-200mm version. The information also includes the discontinued Tamron models, which continue to be sought after by photographers..  ✓ Tamron Lenses (The Expanded Guide)
Tamron Lenses (The Expanded Guide)

Telephoto Lens Photography

Enlightening reading addressing the attributes that telephoto lenses possess. These characteristic, like depth of field, , angle of view, and perspective are discussed in detail along with how to use them to compose a photo. The author talks about Lens construction as well as tele-converters and their benefits are discussed. Shooting using telephoto lens is then employed to such areas as landscapes, sports, wildlife, portraits, and close up shots yet as a substitute for macro lenses. New Article Feb 11, 2011 ✓


Telephoto Lens Photography
Telephoto Lens Photography