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50 Photo ProjectsYou'll love perusing the books of Lee Frost. His writings constantly have a particular flair that produces fun reading. He never comes across with "I'm the pro and these the things you must do" attitude. He's more the guy at the photography club who just learned some new technique and runs up to talk to you about it. His discovery might not be of interest to you, but you are still glad he's telling you about it. This book is kinda' like that. The photo projects are ideas Mr. Frost performed to allow his photographic juices to flow, and now he's agreed to share them with you. The trouble is, many of the projects mentioned aren't really assignments. Shooting in cloudy weather, at dawn, dusk, etc, aren't as much projects as they are simple landscape photography basics. He also proposes trying toy cameras, instant cameras and old cameras. Now these suggestions will not be what the majority of people have in mind when it comes to photo projects.

Although, he really has some terrific ideas in these chapters. Starting a photo blog, publishing a photo book using the internet, photographing the transformations of your hometown over a period of time, etc. All of these are good ideas to pick you up out of your rut. Added together with his fun style of writing, and you've discovered a book that's well worth your money and time.

So if you're simply looking better results from your DSLR camera or you're seeking new creative adventures to investigate, 50 Photo Projects will show you ways to break from your comfort rut and experience something new. It's fully packed with priceless suggestions on ways to create striking images, Lee Frost supplies brilliant ideas that will give a boost to your photography efforts, from revelation on what subjects to photograph, to imaginative projects using vintage, toy, and pinhole cameras.  New Article Feb 13, 2011

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50 Photo Projects Ideas to Kickstart Your Photography

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