301 Inkjet Tips and Techniques

An Essential Printing Resource for Photographers

Don't let the book title fool you! The book has much more than just tips on Inkjet! So much more, that Andrew Darlow needs to think about another title when the foreseeable second edition is released!

I found out about this book after listening to an Andrew interview on Inside Digital Photo podcast by Scott Shepard. When he began explaining the contents of this book I took notice and immediately ordered it. I originally anticipated the typical compilation of tips and ploys to make the prints from your inkjet better however the interview with Andrew Darlow had me anticipating more.

The first section of the book goes over everything you should consider to create top quality, professional , gallery grade, prints. And I do mean EVERYTHING. Choosing a printer, preparing your files, converting black & white, etc. In addition to all of this in depth and extensive information, Andrew presents help with assembling a portfolio, matting,, business cards, you name it. The first section of the book is worth the price alone. Andrew's has an easy to read style and the information he offers is easy to integrate with you personal work style.

The chapters that follow are a treasure trove of guest artists' ideas and tips. Dorothy Simpson Krause, Edward Fausty, Phil Bard, C. David Toble, Amadou Diallo and Derek Cooper are a few of the guest artists you can gain ideas from. Each artist conveys their own style and experience to the making print and presentation art. This particular section was a genuine treat. Andrew Darlow goes beyond the expectation of the book's title. An enjoyable reading experience.

Images from Fuji Test TargetsThe techniques and tools necessary for impressive digital output are readily accessible and more reasonably priced than ever before. "301 Inkjet Tips and Techniques" demonstrates to photographers of every level ways to create high-quality prints by using a step-by-step process and there are hundreds of examples in full-color created by over 20 professional artists and photographers. You'll uncover how to select the correct inkjet printer to fit your printing needs, ways to gain time and choose the right materials when preparing files and prints, dealing with your digital images, creating captivating portfolios and framing art, along with much more.

If you are a serious hobbyist or a professional photographer this book will show you more ways to perfect and enhance your digital printing skills and employ your computer in harmony with your inkjet printer in ways to better demonstrate your imagination and resourcefulness.

The book may be read from cover to cover, else you can choose only the chapters which present the specific techniques and tips that interest you. There's a comprehensive index along with a searchable accompanying web site to ensure that you locate the info' you are searching for. The companion content to this book, includes over a hundred clickable links to numerous resources covered all through the book may be accessed at: www.inkjettips.com

Andrew Darlow is an educator, photographer, and digital imaging authority. he has been consulting for more than 15 years on digital topics such as digital output, color management and digital photography. He has edited and written many reviews and articles on the topics such as fine art and digital photography, Photoshop techniques and inkjet printing. His works have been featured in numerous books., web sites and photography publications He has conducted workshops, seminars and lectured around the world for schools, for photography organizations, at conferences, including the International Center of Photography (ICP), New York and the Arles Photo Festival at Columbia University. His work has widely been exhibited while his inkjet prints are found in many private collections. For more information, visit www.andrewdarlow.com.

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