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Thoughts for Creative Photography of Automobiles

For those of you that have ever attempted to photograph a car, you're already aware that itís not quite as easy as it appears. However it can be easy enough to acquire a clear, simple image of a vehicle, itís a far bigger challenge to capture the essence of design and details of the vehicle in a photograph. To help, here the simple steps I use which hopefully will help you acquire the basics of automotive photography.

When You're Just Starting

There are numerous elements to consider when photographing cars, There are even entire websites and numerous books dedicated Auto Photography. I'm just going over the highlights here, but hopefully you will gain some insight into the car photography world and open the door to the the fundamentals, allowing you begin to further explorations. For starters you need to find a car. Just any car might do at first allowing to gain the basics, however your images will appear more electrifying not to mention professional if you have interesting subjects. If all you have to shoot is the old Chevy you use to drive to work, it will do for now. Although if your have a friend with a Lamborghini, you should politely ask if you can use it for a photo shoot!

Where to Shoot it

After you find a car, you need a mind-boggling location to shoot it in. Most of the photographs of cars in ads, the car is located in a fantastic scenic spot with flowing with warm glowing sunlight. But what if you have to shoot within your budget, so it's going to be difficult to come close to any shoot you see in those glossy magazines. However, there are endless locations to choose from. To begin with, the car must be the center of attention, the last thing want is for your location to take the attention away from your car. You use the location to enhance the car's attractiveness. Another decision is if you want to photograph it in a natural environment, or use something less typical, or perhaps youíd rather do the feeling of a studio.

A Natural Environment

In a natural environment, you could either have the car on a road, in a parking lot, or on the driveway. However most of these settings won't add much zip to your photos and will look boring. Think about the kind of feel you're trying to accomplish in your images. If you prefer a courageous or moody feel, your best shot may well be from the upper level of a parking garage with sweeping views looking across the cityscape, or perhaps the industrial areas of town among the rundown warehouses.

If you desire a fresh and classy brilliant picture, consider shooting in the city's business district among the reflective glass office buildings with their modern architecture. Another alternative, would be to choose the classic automobile photograph at the top of a knoll with a wide open expansive area overlooking a sweeping landscape, preferably facing west to catch the sunset in the background.

Finding an exciting location will let your auto photography stand out and multiply your artistic prospects. Spend the extra time finding a spot that will enhance the ambiance of your shots along with the characteristics of the car.

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