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Recent articles for those of you that like to discover new ideas, or just about how to better utilize your existing equipment. Click on a link below. I've been collecting photos over the years and have recently been organizing and updating these collections into photo galleries
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Old Town Eureka

The delightful appeal of an European town or Victorian seaport. Founded in 1850, the town is Humboldt County's major seaport. The timber, dairy and shipping enterprises support the individuals who call the area home. Today, you can stroll down the clamoring downtown streets, past wonderfully restored structures of varied architectural types.
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The Hamlet of Ferndale

is situated in Humboldt County, California. For the 2010 census, the population was,1371, down 9 from the 2000 census. The city features numerous well preserved Victorian retail facades and homes. Ferndale is the northern entryway to California's Lost Coast and the city, sits on the edge of a wide plain close to the mouth of the Eel River,

Mid-size size Chevrolets

for the most part offer wheelbases between 105 inches and 110 inches. Another generally utilized definition is that of the EPA, which classifies autos offering between 110 cubic feet and 119 cubic feet of inside volume as being mid-size. During 2012, mid-size autos were the most popular vehicle category sold in the United States

Compact Chevrolets

are to a great extent a North American term signifying a Chevrolet smaller than a mid-size auto, however larger than a subcompact auto. Compact autos typically have wheelbases between 100 inches and 109 inches.
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