Stockton Fourteen Mile Slough

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Hello, my name is Gene Wright, This is my website. People like to ask all sorts of why, like Why thumbnail pictures?. Thumbnail pictures are very useful when there's an  image gallery such as this one.

They're also important when I want to show a high resolution image. The fact is, that the most internet users have a 1024 by 768 resolution on their monitors, so any photograph that takes up more than a thirty percent of the total computer screen should not be installed on a web page. There are exceptions though.

Another good reason to use thumbnails is the faster website load time. A page with loads of thumbnails will display much quicker than displaying a single image in its full resolution. Fortunately, thumbnails are quite easy to create. Thumbnail sized vary a lot; however, I like to keep mine at 150 x 175 pixels. or 200 x 130 pixels for photographs

Photography by Gene Wright
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