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This page began as a few Chevy photos, but search engines are now looking for content. An introduction to  Chevrolet Surburban Photographs,  See the Chevrolet Photography BookThe Chevrolet Surburban and the GMC Suburban are essentially the same vehicles except for a few small differences in body trim including the grille, and, in older versions, also the engines.

In 1933 Chevrolet created their first station wagon built upon the frame of their 1/2 ton pickup.. This first model was specifically manufactured for the Civilian Conservation Corps and National Guard units. A great deal of it's body was built of wood, and seated as many as eight passengers.

From 1935 through 1940 Chevrolet built the Second generation body they called a "Carryall Suburban". These Surburbans shared the frames and front sheet metal with the 1/2 ton pickup, although they had all-metal bodies with very little shape differences from those contemporary "woodies". Seating for as many as eight passengers was available, with three in the front, two in the center, and three occupants in the back row. An option for panel doors or choice of a tailgate/lift window allowing easy loading of items was available.

Although it had windows and seats instead of just a windowless monster cargo area.. You could call them station wagons built on a truck chassis, the initial Suburbans had but two doors plus a two-door tailgate and featured seating in three rows with room for as many as eight passengers. The typical engine was, a 217 cubic-inch overhead valve inline six cylinder with only 90 horsepower. Minor alterations to the body stayed with the first Suburban all the way to 1940.

In 1941 came the bullet-shaped headlights that swept from the fenders. The GMC's had a new 93 horsepower inline six. engine. However Chevrolet manufactured no vehicles for civilians from 1943 through 1945 because of supporting World War II. In 1946 Chevrolet simply began again up exactly where it had stopped, resulting the 1946 models being virtually the same vehicles as the 1942 models.

The 1947 Suburban was restyled with flush headlights and acquired a broader-shouldered look featuring a wider grille along with passenger area. This basic premise continued on until 1954, when the biggest news was the new GMC Hydra-Matic transmission and increased power which for the Suburban was now up to a whopping 100 horses.

Many automotive makers used the name "Suburban" to denote a station wagon style body with windows mounted on a commercial pickup frame which included; Chevrolet. GMC, Dodge, Nash. Plymouth and Studebaker. Production of the all-steel Chevrolet "carryall-suburban" began in 1935. GMC introduced its first model in 1937. These early SUV vehicles were also called "Suburban Carryalls" until GM shortened the name to just "Suburban."

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1932 Chevrolet Confederate use by U.S. Army
1932 Chevrolet Confederate use by U.S. Army
<b>1935 Chevrolet Suburban</b><br>These share the front sheet metal and frames of the 1/2 ton pickup models of the same year, but featured all-metal wagon bodies 1935 Chevrolet Surburban
1935 Chevrolet Suburban Picture 2
1935 Chevrolet Surburban
1936 Chevrolet Suburban
1936 Chevrolet Surburban
1937 Chevrolet Suburban
1937 Chevrolet Surburban
1938 Chevrolet Suburban
1938 Chevrolet Surburban
1941 Chevrolet Suburban
1941 Chevrolet Surburban
1942 Chevrolet Suburban
1942 Chevrolet Surburban
1946 Chevrolet Suburban
1946 Chevrolet Surburan
1947 Chevrolet Suburban
1947 Chevrolet Surburban
1948 Chevrolet Suburban
1948 Chevrolet Surburban
1949 Chevrolet Suburban
1949 Chevrolet Surburban
1951 Chevrolet Suburban
1951 Chevrolet Surburban
1952 Chevrolet Suburban
1952 Chevrolet Surburban
1956 Chevrolet Suburban
1956 Chevrolet Surburban
1958 Chevrolet Suburban
1958 Chevrolet Surburban
1960 Chevrolet Surburban
1960 Chevrolet Surburban
1965 Chevrolet Surburban
1965 Chevrolet Surburban
1969 Chevrolet Surburban
1969 Chevrolet Surburban
1973 Chevrolet Surburban
1973 Chevrolet Surburban
1990 Chevrolet Surburban
1990 Chevrolet Surburban
1992 Chevrolet Surburban
1992 Chevrolet Surburban

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